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Getting the parts you need cut on time.

We now offer laser cutting and etching to our available services. For low volume production.

This is Humming Bird Swing cut on the K40 laser.


With our new laser equipment we can cut most woods and plastics. Our cutting size is 8" x 12". And depending on the wood, or plastic we can cut up too .25".

This is a set of dragon drink coasters cut and etched on the K40 laser.


This new Laser equipment is also great at etching. Here we show a dragon etched on birch wood. Look at the detail. The etching can be used for many applications other than art. It can help with assembly instructions, or gasket locations.

These are rubber gaskets cut on the K40 laser.


Ever find yourself looking for a replacement gasket but couldn't find it. Or do you have a one off gasket that need made. Here our new Laser can cut most rubbers, in the picture you will see a Silicone gasket cut, a Vition rubber gasket cut and Acrylic hold down cut. A quarter for scale. The laser can hold an accuracy of .010 depending on the material being used.

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